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Brands I love

Sex Ed lovers! I want to share with you some of my absolute favorite brands in the sexual health and wellness industry. You can support these amazing brands and me by using the affiliate links and discount codes below*!


NOTE: I only support and align with brands that are inclusive, sex-positive, and transparent with their customers

*I may get monetary compensation but at no extra charge to you! 

Sex health & wellness organizations


an online resource that shares educational information on sexual health conditions and offers a curated shop of high-quality products that are only body safe, medical grade products, natural and organic, clean ingredient lubricants, and books!  

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Izzy Community

A sex-positive sexual health and wellness website that aims to empower every self-identified woman. A percentage of every purchase is donated to empower girls and women around the globe. and consider the impact of their decisions on their workers, customers, community, suppliers, and the environment. You'll receive your products on compostable and/or recyclable package. 

I offer a class on Mindful Sex with Izzy. View it here.

Intamo Pleasurables

Intamo Pleasurables is a sexual self-care company that promotes mental and physical wellness and safety. They integrate their products with wholesome, plant-based ingredients. Intamo Pleasurables facilitates sex that feels better with the soothing properties of hemp seed oil. They value sexual empowerment no matter where that empowerment comes from.

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