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The Bisexual Umbrella

The term “bisexual umbrella” has been floating around for quite some time now (No pun intended). This can be confusing to some folks….so let’s clear it up!

It is unclear who coined the term or created the graphics for the bisexual umbrella, but a possible origin is Tumblr. The bisexual umbrella is a phrase to encompass non-monosexual identities and attractions. These include many different orientations and identities such as pansexual, queer, bi-curious, heteroflexible, biromantic, demisexual, and polyromantic. Side note: this list above by no means encompasses all of the different identities that fall under the umbrella. Gender and sexual expression are just that — expression. Which means the freedom to choose labels (or lack of) that feel comfortable and fitting to them.

Positive and negative responses to the umbrella have made the graphic more complex in its meaning and delivery. For some, the umbrella provides a source of cohesion, understanding, and unity. Unity of the different communities and identities provides a safe space underneath the umbrella from the rain of ignorance and bigotry. For others, the clumping of different identities into one overarching term can provide a sense of erasure. This erasure unintentionally creates harm and confusion rather than the intended purpose of visibility.

Here are definitions of some of the terms identified under the umbrella. Note: there is truly no universally accepted definition of any gender identity or sexual orientation. That all depends on the individual.

Pansexual: A sexual desire or attraction that is not limited to people of a particular gender identity or sexual orientation. Folks say that this term sometimes “overlaps” with bisexual as it mentions being attracted to at least two genders.

Queer: A word sometimes used to refer to folks with a non-heterosexual orientation. Queer can be placed under the umbrella because it in itself is an umbrella term to define non-heterosexuality and cis-genderdness.

Bi-curious: A folk interested in having a same-gender sexual experience, which would fit underneath the bisexual umbrella.

Heteroflexible: A word used to describe situational homosexual behavior despite a primarily heterosexual orientation. This word is controversial as some folks who identify as bisexual feel invalidated.

Biromantic: A folk who is romantically attracted to two or more genders. They may seek affection and companionship, but may not necessarily be sexually attracted to their partners. Sometimes the phrase “sexual orientation” is misleading due to the word sex in the title. However, they still seek attraction more emotionally.

Demisexual: A word used to describe someone who does not experience sexual attraction unless there is an emotional attraction with a potential partner. This word can encompass attraction to any gender, as to why it may fit under the umbrella.

Polyromantic: A folk who is romantically attracted to more than one person at a time. They are not the same as bi or poly romantic, however, someone who identifies as polyromatic can identify as pansexual so it has the potential to fit under the umbrella.

Ultimately, the bisexual umbrella has the potential to unite those of otherwise marginalized groups within the LGBTQ+ community. However, the umbrella also has the potential OF marginalizing different communities due to its almost “exclusive” and “over encompassing” nature.



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