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Femi Toys Review!

Welcome to my first toy review! I’m super excited that I am partnering with Femi Toys to give you access to GREAT and INCLUSIVE toys for anyone and everyone! I guess I should give a background about my past experiences with toys. My first toy ever was a vibrator from Spencer Gifts that was disguised as lipstick! (Genius LOL) It looked like this:

I was seventeen when I bought it and I very clearly remember the rush and excitement of purchasing my first sex toy. Since then I have been an explorer for different toys and materials. From bed restraints to butt plugs - I (haven’t) tried them all….but I sure want to!


First, I want to preface that Femi Toys gave me the toy and lube that I am reviewing. I am providing my 100% honest opinion. I do have an affiliate link: so I will get a percentage if you purchase, as well as a discount code for you all! Use code: Lindsay at checkout for 15% off your entire order!!

Aria Crystal Rechargeable Bullet Kit

Here is a description:

“The Aria Crystal Rechargeable Bullet will channel your inner sexual vibrations. Measuring a discreet 3 inches in length, this powerful little bullet is your little pocket friend. With 10 total vibrating and speed intervals, you will receive pleasure chakras in no time.”

This bullet was interesting from the moment I opened the box! I have never used a bullet vibrator with a sleeve before, so I thought that was really cool! You have the option to take the sleeve off if that suits your desires and needs better! It was however, for me, a little difficult for me to push the bullet into the sleeve. Maybe I am just weak LOL. The sleeve is also beautiful AND it is waterproof, so you can bring it with you to the tub or shower! The sleeve is made with body-safe plastic and if you do use lube with it, make sure it is water-based. Here is one that I recommend.

I always LOVE a bullet that has varying speeds and pulses. There are 5 speeds for increased vibration and also 5 different pulsating sensations, which is always fun! The pulsing vibrations work really well to spice things up in the bedroom when things are getting a little stale, either with yourself or your partner. The speed of vibrations, of course, increases as you press the button so whether you want a lower speed or a higher speed there is something for you!

Intimate Earth Ease Anal Silicone Lubricant

“For the most relaxing anal play try Intimate Earth Ease Anal Silicone Lubricant. The natural Bisabolo extract from the chamomile plant has been used for centuries in skin treatments. This extract is said to have healing, relaxing, anti-irritant, anti-inflammatory, and anti-microbial properties. Not FDA approved.”

So I have to be honest. I don’t have a *ton* of experience with anal toys, but I definitely wanted to try this lube out! I haven’t used a lube that was specifically for anal penetration so I was really excited about that. I think this lube is great for those wanting to ease into butt stuff. What attracted me to this was that there are naturally calming and anti-inflammatory ingredients. This is important especially when you are starting out and want to ease into anal play as it is even relaxing!

I used this lube with a small butt plug as I wanted to ease into any anal play my partner and I did. Definitely the smart decision! I highly recommend starting slow (and small) in order to feel comfortable and safe. The plug I used looked like this:

It is considered a size *small*. I did not get this at Femi Toys, but here is a similar smaller butt plug for easing into play!

When I used the lubricant I used a decent amount and put on my toy and anal area. I gave it a little for the relaxing properties to kick in. After that, the plug eased in with no pain at all! It is SUPER important to feel comfortable and relaxed before jumping into anal play. I definitely recommend this lube especially if you are newer to anal play, or nervous but want to start slow!

Overall, I felt very comfortable using Femi Toys products because they have a rigorous vetting process to only put the highest quality and safest toys on their website. They don’t just sell anything as other adult websites do. I also very much love that the creators are female partnered and specifically empower the LGBTQ community. There is no “for him” or “for her” section and you won’t find “gendered” products! There is definitely something for everyone at Femi Toys!


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