A radical, pleasure intensive course with coaching

About this course

Feeling uncharged and unmotivated to explore your sexual greatness?

Feel like you don't even know where to start?

Look no further

This is the course for those

  • Who have had issues experiencing an abundance of pleasure ​

  • Who have been manipulated by mass media to think they are "less than" for some reason that doesn't matter...

  • Who wants additional support from someone who can relate

  • Who have experienced trauma in the past and is now affecting their pleasure

  • Anyone who wants to RECLAIM. THEIR. SEXUAL. POWER.

What's included?

5 modules that teach you how to

  • Heal from past trauma through breath work and purposeful touch

  • Use pleasure as a way to change your relationship with yourself & your power

  • Build your self-worth through sexual activities and practices 

  • Create a self-love routine that you can implement every single day at any time

You will also receive support...

  • With {2} coaching calls at the beginning and near the end of the course so we can discuss your goals, create a plan, and execute it!

  • (Optional) Group coaching calls with a supportive group of like-minded womxn & non-binary folx

  • A community that is dedicated to your sexual wellness and power

Ready to experience true power & pleasure?

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